For NGOs

10 Steps to #workingpositively in Your Country

Thank you for your interest in bringing #workingpositively to your country.   By joining this global movement, you will become part of the growing network of organizations committed to ending discrimination against people living with HIV in the workplace.  The following steps are designed to help you get started quickly and easily and we are very thankful for your commitment to this important work! 

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Find out more about the program at
  2. Get in touch with the German HIV organization, Deutsche Aidshilfe at DAH created the program and can provide valuable support as you launch the program in your country.
  3. Get in touch with local or multinational companies that support #workingpositvely.   You can find contact details on the website.
  4. Organize for your local collaboration and outreach.  NOTE: Deutsche Aidshilfe, IBM, and SAP can provide insights helping you build on experiences and examples from other countries.
  5. Adapt the text of the declaration in collaboration with your local HIV organization partner to align with the unique situation in your country.
  6. Reach out to your own networks – encourage companies you do business with, organizations you belong to, and other employers to sign the declaration and support the program.
  7. Plan measures to communicate the contents of the program in your organization.
  8. Plan a public announcement of your involvement through a press release and/or a launch event. 
  9. Stay in touch with other participating NGOs and inspire one another!
  10. Communicate the successes you are achieving!

# workingpositvely: rules of the game

To ensure the integrity of the #workingpositively movement and to maintain a consistent message globally, we have developed a set of guidelines to provide a framework for your involvement.   The guidelines were developed to allow you to act with sufficient freedom while maintaining focus on our singular joint purpose: to strengthen and secure the program for the rights and well-being of people with HIV – and to make it easier for allies to become involved.

  • #workingpositively is an international program fighting discrimination against people with HIV in working life.
  • The implementation is carried out in the individual countries by non-governmental organizations, that represent the interests of people with HIV in cooperation with engaged companies.
  • The heart of #workingpositively is the declaration text1 that employers sign, which is accompanied by certain voluntary commitments.
  • The essence of the declaration text may not be changed; however, it may be adapted to national circumstances and goals.
  • The declaration is open to all employers. The NGO may, however, use its veto if the company’s commitment against discrimination does not appear credible or if the company has demonstrated discrimination against disadvantaged groups.
  • The name of the program and the word and image mark are registered trademarks of Deutsche Aidshilfe. DAH will gladly approve their appropriate use if certain conditions are met. Details are available on request.
  • #workingositively is based on a spirit of collaboration between widely different organizations and people. All those involved in this movement will treat each other openly and respectfully and strive for good and constructive cooperation.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

For more information, please contact Holger Wicht (Deutsche Aidshilfe)

1Example of the declaration text can be found on the Resources page.