NGO Grupo Pela VIDDA at an HIV and AIDS prevention and orientation session in Rio de Janeiro

SAP has been working hard in the area of ​​diversity and inclusion, and we know that some topics are not yet openly discussed in the corporate environment, such as awareness about HIV and AIDS. Pride@SAP Rio de Janeiro invited Biology teacher and educator in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Reinaldo R. Júnior, representative of the Pela VIDDA Group. An NGO founded in 1989, the institution was the first in Brazil to be organized by and for people with HIV and AIDS, their friends and family. Among the objectives are the rupture of isolation, the deconstruction of prejudice related to the disease, the social reintegration of individuals with the virus and the defense of the rights and dignity of these people.

Reinaldo R. Júnior was explaining about how the virus acts on the infected person

The event had more than 90 employees in person at the Rio office, and was also broadcast virtually to São Paulo. It was a great challenge to organize an event where such specific concepts were discussed clearly and objectively, deconstructing any type of stereotypes. We were very happy with the result and engagement of the audience present, after this action, the Rio core team won 2 more volunteers to collaborate through Pride@SAP in the LGBTQIA + cause.💗🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤

SAP employees posed for a photo with Reynaldo in appreciation for a very dynamic and enlightening talk.

Diego Silva
Pride@SAP Rio de Janeiro Lead

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